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What Does A Conveyancer Do In Victoria?

What does a conveyancer do in regards to property transfers? Here’s a short rundown of the 8 steps for all property conveyancing. A conveyancer is a professional who oversees the legal transfer of property ownership from one party to another.

They handle all the administrative and regulatory requirements involved in buying, selling, or remortgaging a property.

A conveyancer conducts thorough searches, prepares and reviews legal contracts, calculates adjustments for rates and utilities, and ensures all compliance checks are completed.

Their role is to facilitate a smooth and lawful transition of property titles while protecting the interests of their clients.Here’s a general guide to how the process works:

1. Preparation and Sale Contract

Pre-Contractual Stage: Before the property is listed, a seller (vendor) usually consults with a conveyancer or solicitor to prepare a Contract of Sale and a Vendor’s Statement (also known as a Section 32). The Section 32 Statement must be provided to the buyer before they sign the Contract of Sale.

This document provide potential buyers with vital information about the property and outlines the terms and conditions of the sale. This includes the purchase price, settlement date, title details, zoning, outgoings, and any other easements or covenants affecting the property as well as any special conditions that may apply. It is important to ensure that the Contract of Sale is accurate and complete, as it will form the basis of the transaction.


2. Marketing and Offer

Property Listing and Viewing: The property is put on the market, and interested buyers view the property.

Making an Offer: Interested buyers make an offer through bidding or negotiations. Once an offer is accepted, both parties sign the Contract of Sale, and the buyer pays a deposit (usually 10% of the purchase price).

3. Exchange of Contracts

Once the Contract of Sale and Section 32 Statement have been prepared, they are exchanged between the buyer and seller. This exchange can take place either in person or electronically, and once the documents are signed, they become legally binding.

4. Due Diligence (Cooling-off Period)

Cooling-off Period: In Victoria, buyers have a cooling-off period of three clear business days from the signing of the contract unless it’s at an auction or three clear business days before or after a publicly listed auction. The buyer can rescind the contract during this period but may be liable to pay 0.2% of the purchase price as a penalty.

5. Financing

Loan Approval: If not already obtained, the buyer finalizes their mortgage or loan arrangements to ensure the remaining funds are available by settlement.

6. Pre-settlement Checks and Processes

Title Search and Checks: The buyer’s conveyancer conducts various searches regarding the property to ensure there are no legal encumbrances or issues that could impair the buyer’s ownership rights.

Inspection: It’s advisable for the buyer to conduct a final inspection of the property to ensure it is in the same condition as when it was sold.

7. Settlement

Settlement Date: The completion of the conveyancing process is known as the settlement. On this day, the balance of the purchase price is paid to the seller, and the buyer’s lender (if applicable) registers a mortgage against the title. The conveyancers facilitate the exchange of legal documents and ensure that all financial adjustments (council, water, and other rates) are settled.

Transfer of Ownership: The title and ownership of the property are formally transferred to the buyer. The transfer is recorded with the relevant governmental body, typically Land Use Victoria.

8. Post-settlement

Keys and Access: The buyer is granted possession of the property, typically receiving keys and other access devices.

Registration of the Title: The new owner’s details and any mortgage details are registered with the Land Titles Office, formally completing the transfer process.

Role of Professional Conveyancers

Throughout this process, the roles of various professionals are crucial:

Conveyancers and Solicitors: They handle the legal aspects, documentation, negotiations, and advisory throughout the buying and selling process.

Real Estate Agents: Facilitate the marketing, viewings, and negotiations of the sale.

Financial Institutions: Provide financing and handle financial transactions for the purchase.

Additional Fees Associated With Buying A Property


Stamp Duty: Buyers must also pay stamp duty, which is a tax levied on property purchases. The amount is based on the purchase price and must be paid at or before settlement.

Building and Pest Inspections: Though typically done during the due diligence phase, buyers often conduct these inspections before finalizing the sale to ensure there are no hidden issues with the property.

This broad overview provides a typical sequence for conveyancing in Victoria, although specific details can vary based on the property, the presence of any legal issues, and whether the parties are using a solicitor or managing the conveyance themselves.

Common Pitfalls to Avoid

While the conveyancing process is designed to be straightforward, there are some common pitfalls that buyers and sellers should be aware of. Some of these include:

Failing to review the Contract of Sale and Section 32 Statement carefully: It is important to review these documents carefully and ask questions if there is anything that is unclear or concerning.

Not conducting adequate property searches: Failing to conduct adequate property searches can result in unexpected costs or issues down the line.

Not allowing enough time for the conveyancing process: Conveyancing can take time, and it is important to allow enough time for the process to be completed properly.

Failing to engage a qualified conveyancer: Engaging a qualified conveyancer is essential to ensure that the transaction is legally binding and properly documented.

Fixed Cost Pofessional Fees

Fixed fees and fully disclosed costs from the start means our clients are never surprised. 

Experience & Expertise Counts

Our licensed Australian Conveyancing Lawyer takes care your matter from Start to Settlement safely.

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conveyancing solicitors Victoria
pexa settlement victoria. our conveyancer melbourne handles property settlement Victoria wide for your convenience

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At Norton Conveyancing, there are no hidden costs, no unexpected expenses, only competitive fixed fees. If experience and peace of mind are important for your property matters, call us for a free, complimentary chat as your conveyancer for Bannockburn and Victoria.

Your Property Deserves Experience And Expertise

Our conveyancing lawyer brings over 27 years of experience across all types of property conveyancing contracts which means we know the conveyancing business inside out! Norton Conveyancing are members of The Law Institute Of Victoria and Pexa.

Our team are certified in Pexakey and the PEXA settlement process for the security of your property transfer.

When you need practical and straight forward legal services and prompt communication throughout the process of buying and selling residential or commercial property, give us a call today.

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From Contract Preparation, communicating with your Sales Agent and Broker through to Settlement, our Process puts You in Control.

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Ready to sign a Contract? Buying at auction? From explaining the Contract all the way to Settlement, we’ll make sure you feel confident all the way

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Transferring either part of or the entire property can be expensive if it’s done correctly. Our years of hands on Experience and Expertise can help.

Fixed Cost Pofessional Fees

Fixed fees and fully disclosed costs from the start means our clients are never surprised. 

Experience & Expertise Counts

Our licensed Australian Conveyancing Lawyer takes care your matter from Start to Settlement safely.

You Needn’t Visit Our Office

Our streamlined property conveyancing process with PEXA Settlement means ontime Settlement

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Norton Conveyancing is an established Conveyancing firm specialising in Residential and Commercial Conveyancing matters across Victoria.

Our Clients are always our Number 1 Priority. From those downsizing, first home buyers, property developers or experienced investors to property sellers. You can rely on us every step of the way to deliver the right services and solutions for your property transaction.

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Norton Conveyancing offers you our client focused service, removing the emotional stress out of property settlement. We understand buying and selling property is one of the most important things you may experience in life. Your satisfaction is our goal.

Our inhouse team are experts in residential and commercial property conveyancing with experience across a broad range of matters. Whether you are buying, selling or transferring a property, we can assist with all stages of Victorian property transactions.

With expertise across all Victorian conveyancing and the Sale of Land Act 1962, our team offers you a professional low cost conveyancing service. As members of the Law Institute of Victoria, we’ll take care of the required paperwork and legalities in our streamlined, cost effective and efficient manner as the conveyancer Bannockburn, Teesdale, Lethbridge area.

Electronic settlements

These days there’s no need for conveyancers to travel for Settlements anymore. PEXA Electronic Settlement is the platform where Settlements are performed electronically. You can check for yourself. The front page of the Contract of Sale offers Electronic Settlement which is a standard option. In 95% of cases, the Electronic Settlement option is ticked.

conveyancing solicitors Victoria
pexa settlement victoria. our conveyancer melbourne handles property settlement Victoria wide for your convenience

Conveyancing Victoria

You may wonder how we cover the entire state of Victoria. It’s not that complex as all Victorian conveyancing, whether transactions or transfers, can be executed online. With our long experience & streamlined Conveyancing procedures, you needn’t travel to our office, and we rarely need to travel for settlement with PEXA Settlement. The benefit for you is stress free and cheaper conveyancing.

Fixed Professional Fee Conveyancing

At Norton Conveyancing, we’re 100% focused on your property conveyancing, no matter how large or small, complex or simple.

Regardless whether you’re selling, buying, refinancing or transferring, your property will always remain our focus. Our team will be with you every step of the way.

Our fixed professional fee conveyancing service includes:

We believe in clear communication and transparency. Our clients are kept well informed every step of the way so they are never surprised.

We will carry out the standard searches required for all property matters. They are clearly mentioned in our quote.

With years of experience and 1000’s conveyancing matters satisfactorily completed,  we guarantee your property will get the utmost care it deserves.

If you are looking for a Melbourne conveyancer, we can take care of all commercial and residential transfers with our cheap conveyancing Melbourne fees.

Conveyancing Services Bannockburn

our services include online conveyancing as the conveyancer Bannockburn, Teesdale, Lethbridge and Inverleigh areas.

Our Bannockburn Conveyancing Services

Preparation of Contract of Sale

We prepare your contract of sale. Get the best support to sell your house today. We make it as easy as it can be.

All Residential Home Conveyancing

Buying or selling? Our conveyancing lawyer reviews contracts, or handles the drafting.

Townhouse / Unit Conveyancing

Unsure about your rights and obligations? We can draft or review contracts for the ideal outcome. Not sure? Ask us!

Advice for first home buyers

Thinking of buying your first home. We can explain the conveyancing proccess so you know what to expect.

Strata Conveyancing

Buying a unit? Find out about your responsibilities as a strata property owner. We deal with strata conveyancing across the board

Commercial Conveyancing

Our conveyancers can handle all types of commercial conveyancing from small to large business.

Property Settlements​

We make sure your settlement goes through on time. We use PEXA the online secure portal to fast track the process.

Financial Institutions

Liaise with financial institutions for deposit bonds, loans, mortgages and discharges of mortgages for your Geelong conveyancing.

About Us

Thank you for visiting Norton Conveyancing. We are a conveyancing firm specialising in all kinds of property transactions. Our main objective is to provide you with professional, dedicated conveyancing services at competitive rates.

We are licensed conveyancers and hold full Professional Indemnity Insurance. We are also members of the Law Institute Of Victoria and PEXA

What is Conveyancing? Conveyancing is the legal transfer of title and property from one owner to another.

Our conveyancing lawyers have over 27 years combined experience. We understand our clients expect thorough, efficient and friendly service.

Buying and selling real estate is a huge financial undertaking, which is why choosing an experienced Licensed Conveyancer to protect your interests and make sure every legality is correct is vital.

We keep in close communication with you every step of the way.

We’re more than happy to answer any general questions you may have about hiring us as your conveyancer Bannockburn, so please contact us for further information.

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Ours was a great experience! We have young children and were worried about juggling the property conveyancing process. The whole process was a breeze with professional, friendly and support.
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Norton Conveyancing's service is very good. The fees were reasonable and they kept in touch through the whole process so we felt very confident.. They helped review the contract carefully and pointed out a couple of potential issues which were dealt with. Highly recommended.
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